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We perform electrical system evaluations

If you live in an older home or are recently remodeling, you should make sure the electrical system is set up properly. Bayou Specialties & Electric, LLC performs electrical system evaluations in the Lake Charles, LA area.

We'll evaluate your wiring and the loads of electrical circuits to make sure there are no fire hazards or potential problems. We also offer annual or semi-annual programs to inspect and maintain the proper function of your homes electrical system. We'll make sure your electrical system is up to code as well.

Contact Bayou Specialties & Electric today to schedule an electrical wiring evaluation in Lake Charles, LA or the surrounding area.

We'll inspect your panels, breakers and wiring thoroughly

We'll inspect your panels, breakers and wiring thoroughly

A professional and knowledgeable electrician from Bayou Specialties & Electric will analyze your electrical system and make recommendations about any changes or upgrades needed. We'll check:

  • The wires that connect to the breaker
  • The main distribution panel
  • The distribution sub-panels

Is your home or office safe from electrical hazards? Call 337-884-1882 today to schedule an electrical system evaluation in Lake Charles, LA.